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If you have a work-related injury, medical or psychiatric condition from a specific workplace incident or one that has developed over time from repetitive work or exposure, you may be eligible for workers' compensation, which includes medical treatment, temporary pay benefits, and potentially an award for permanent disability. Contact the Law Offices of Todd Brandon Eder to ascertain whether you are receiving your rightful benefits, if you are denied benefits, and if you are eligible for a permanent disability award. Even if the insurance company has paid you money for a permanent disability, you may be entitled to more.

At the Law Offices of Todd Brandon Eder, you will be represented by a skilled trial lawyer with over 40+ years of litigation experience, mostly representing the personally injured. With offices in East Brunswick, we represent employees in Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Somerset Counties in central New Jersey and the Jersey Shore, and throughout New Jersey to serve the needs of the injured.

Contact us today about your workers' compensation claim or if you are denied access to medical care. Schedule a free consultation to seek immediate help.

Experienced Advocacy in New Jersey Workers' Compensation

Todd B. Eder knows your work injury rights and can get the attention of employers and insurance companies who may be denying you your rightful benefits. He has handled workers' compensation claims, including:

Asserting and Protecting Your Rights

You cannot be fired for filing a workers' compensation claim or seeking benefits. It is an administrative process, not a lawsuit against your employer. Even if you were at fault for the injury (except under rare circumstances), you are covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance. All employers in New Jersey must be covered by workers' compensation insurance or have a self insurance plan in place.

Generally, you are entitled to free medical treatment through authorized medical providers, weekly wage loss benefits (70 percent of your average weekly wage to a maximum set amount) while you are receiving that authorized treatment, and likely an award for permanent disability.

Important Note: Do not use your own medical providers! New Jersey law provides that your employer or its workers' compensation insurance company has the right to direct your treatment through its authorized medical providers. Failure to utilize authorized treatment will likely result in you being personally responsible for payment for any unauthorized medical treatment.

Voluntary Tender

Within 26 weeks of being released by the doctor, your employer or the workers' compensation carrier may offer a settlement of your claim based on their doctor's percentage of disability, which you may accept. A voluntary tender, however, is not a final settlement. Even with a voluntary tender, Todd B. Eder, Esq. often is able to negotiate a higher settlement.

Schedule A Free Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation and receive attorney fees as determined by the court only if we secure compensation benefits for you.

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