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NJ Workers Compensation Law Allows Employees to Get Compensation for Stress and Depression

New Jersey Workers Compensation law has been updated to include coverage for mental illness as a compensable injury

In the case of William Goyden v. State of New Jersey, the court ruled that workers’ compensation benefits must be provided for medical care and treatment of mental illness that is caused, in whole or part, by a work-related injury, anxiety, or stress. The court also held that individuals must be compensated for wages lost to attend medical appointments related to their mental health. This ruling is an important step towards providing workers with the protection and compensation they are entitled to when experiencing mental health issues due to their job Mental health issues can be difficult to diagnose and treat, but they can still cause debilitating physical and emotional pain.

The recent  update to the New Jersey Workers Compensation law now allows employers to include mental health issues as compensable injuries. This change is a monumental step towards providing workers with the protection they need and deserve. The law now covers a broad range of mental health issues, from stress and anxiety caused by heavy workloads, downsizing, or changes in job duties, to workplace abuse and customer vs. employee violence, to active shooter scenarios or a workplace death. These types of situations can cause significant emotional distress, and the coverage provided by the New Jersey Workers Compensation law is invaluable to those who suffer from such distress.

Recently, the law has been updated to include coverage for mental illness as a compensable injury. Mental illness can be difficult to recognize and diagnose, which makes it difficult for the injured party to qualify for workers compensation. However, with the new coverage, those suffering from mental health issues can now more easily get the help they need and receive support and help in covering the cost of treatment and necessary recovery time. This change is especially beneficial for those whose mental illnesses have been caused by their working conditions, such as stress, long hours, and hazardous.

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