NJ Wrongful Death Lawyers

A wrongful death case seeks compensation for the deceased’s pain and suffering and the pecuniary loss to his/her family. The Eder Law Firm in East Brunswick invites you to contact us today if you believe your family member’s death could have been prevented. We know you are grief stricken, but a timely investigation is important to prove liability.

Long Experience in Wrongful Death Cases

The Eder Law Firm has 50+ years of courtroom experience, handling serious personal injury matters, including wrongful death. The Eder Law Firm has secured money damages on behalf of surviving family members.

Our Cases Have Covered The Spectrum:

Deadly motor vehicle crashes, a gas tank explosion, a drowning in a health club spa, construction accidents, chemical and asbestos exposures that led to terminal cancer, and medical malpractice in a doctor’s failure to diagnose a child’s rare disease.

Compensation and Damages for a Wrongful Death Case

New Jersey law places strict time limits for filing wrongful death claims. Since all wrongful death claims in New Jersey must be filed within two years of the death of the victim, it is important to retain counsel as early as possible after the death in order to protect the right to wrongful death monetary compensation.

There are actually two separate remedies for wrongful death:

  1. A survival action is similar to a personal injury lawsuit, seeking compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering prior to death.
  2. A wrongful death action is filed on behalf of the intestate dependent heirs of the victim for their pecuniary loss. It provides compensation for hospital, medical and funeral expenses incurred for the deceased, loss of income and financial support from the deceased, monetary value of the guidance, advice and care of the victim, and the value of household services provided by the deceased.

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